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 Member Fanclub Rules[Beware if you do not read]

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PostSubject: Member Fanclub Rules[Beware if you do not read]   Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:00 am

Whats a member FC?
What are you retarded?
A member FC is a fanclub with the sole purpose of worshipping show affection/love to a member of this forum.

How do I make a member FC?
A member FC is a little different than regular fanclubs. Member Fanclubs should only be made by a Staff member since, if its open to the public, there would be millions of member fanclubs for member "A"
ie: "A's right hand FC", "A's eyes FC", etc.
So if you don't request one, and you make it anyway, it will be deleted and you will be banned for at least 24 hours

In order to request a Member FC to be made, you must:
-Request the approval of a staff member.
-The member whose getting a fanclub dedicated to himself/herself/it must have at least 150 posts
-The member requesting a member FC for another member must have a minimum of 100 posts.

No anti-member fanclubs
Don't do this. All it does is make members feel not wanted. It would surely lead to flame wars.

No flaming
Don't go into member FCs just to flame the members or to lol at the purpose of the fanclub, it would only start a war and not just any war, a flame war D:

Have fun


To request a fanclub, please follow this format

[The Member's Username] -> [Date] -> [Title of the FC] -> [The intro to the FC]


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Member Fanclub Rules[Beware if you do not read]
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