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 Name Change Thread [Make Sure To Read First Post For Rules]

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PostSubject: Name Change Thread [Make Sure To Read First Post For Rules]   Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:46 am

Got a ghey name and want it changed, but unfortunately you don't have the power to do so? Well I have the power and I can help you there

Just post the name you want your name to be changed to and thats it

The limit of name changes are 2 changes per month.

Okay guys, we know you're all cheating little thieves, so to help us keep track of who already got 2 name changes in a month I'll be making a Name Change Record thread.
If you're not sure whether you already got two, check it out.

When you make your request... post it [old username] -> [new username] so I can come back later to edit the record thread.
If it's not in that order, we'll ignore you're request.


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Name Change Thread [Make Sure To Read First Post For Rules]
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