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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyMon Jan 19, 2009 12:39 am

Read and follow these rules, or risk the chance of having certain privileges revoked (such as like the ability to rep, or post in certain sections, ect.) or even a temporary or permanent ban.

Be Courteous
The most basic idea on our forums, just be nice. With a lot of people together on one site people will have a difference of opinion. Its just human nature to have different opinions on various issues, so be respectful towards other people and their opinions.

No Flaming and Trolling
Flaming as well as well as flamewars contribute nothing to the forums. If you are found to be part of one, the first time offenders will receive a warning, and any subsequent offense will result in a ban at the banning moderator's discretion.

Also using L.A. Central to organize a raid of any kind is seen as a act of flaming or trolling and is punishable by a ban.

Who cares really? It's not like no one says these 'words'
There's really no stopping it, but please don't let it get out of hand, or you will be having a chat with me and the rest of the staff.

Do not go Off Topic
Keep the discussion on-topic as much as possible. You do not have to be on topic 24/7 but don't let it get so out of hand that it detracts from the threads original purpose.

If the topic of the thread does not interest you, do not reply to the thread. Do not replay to the thread with derogatory remarks, and if your remarks are enough for a moderator to notice, appropriate action may be taken that could result in a ban.

No illegal activities
Links to websites that contain illegal games/movies, pornographic sites (with the exception of the Penthouse), sites with grotesque, violent and/or racist content are NOT to be posted.

Posting of such material will result in an automatic ban

BitTorrent and direct downloads of anime and manga are allowed

Pornographic material
Is not permitted. Those who are found with this material anywhere on this forum will be warned to remove it or even banned

Know who you are talking to. There are a lot of people on these boards that have been in the community longer then you, moderators and naturally the administrators. Advice from these members is not to be taken lightly. You, after all, asked the question and wanted information, not them.

Make your thread titles direct
ease be certain that your topics and posts are clear as to their meaning, and contribute to the forum or thread. Uncertain thread titles such as "OMG THIS IS SO COOL" or "Lookit what I found!" create confusion. Moderators may rename your thread title if they find it unclear or unspecific.

Racism, Cultural Intolerance and Gender Discrimination
Racism, maliciously inappropriate remarks pertaining to cultures, gender or other degrading remarks are things you do only once. Posting of such slander most likely will get you a ban, the length will be up to the banning moderator and can be between a week to Permanent.

Contrary to popular belief caps lock is not the cruse control to success. TEXT WRITTEN LIKE THIS is extremely annoying, and you will annoy the other users. If you want to get your point across just be clear with your posts and uses caps sparingly.

1. if the image is to big that it stretches the page please link it
2. Again no porn

Signatures & Avatars
1. Any type of pornography is prohibited in avatars and signatures. Anything sexually explicit but not pornographic must never be placed on this forum.
2. The signature rules can be found HERE

Do not double post to bump threads. In fact, don't bump threads, period. If it's on the second page (or even the bottom half of the first) and you don't have anything good to say, don't reply to it.

A lot of rules, but very simple. All these rules are not here to get in your way, but to make these forums a fun place to hang out for young and old

Members are responsible for reading rules and relevant stickies pertaining to guidelines. Claiming ignorance does not justify violation of rules. Rules are subject to the application and interpretation of the moderators and administrators.

Also note that the moderators and administrators hold the right at any time to remove your posts and/or ban your access to the forum. If you have a legitimate complaint as to the nature of your ban, consult us through email or IM.[url][/url]

Forum Rules J169au
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Forum Rules
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